• Sulphur/Carbon

    ASTM-approved technique to determine the sulphur and carbon content simultaneously or individually in various of organic materials such as coal, coke, and oils, as well as some inorganic materials such as soil, cement, and limestone. Accurate results are provided in less than 3 minutes and no hazardous chemicals are required.

  • Carbon / Nitrogen / Protein

    Cost-effective alternative to Kjeldahl digestion, LECO analysers are faster, safer and more reliable measurement of protein content in foodstuffs. Dumas direct combustion method offers minimum sample preparation, large sample size capacity ensuring optimum homogeneous analysis and results precision.

  • Carbon / Hydrogen / Nitrogen

    Nutritional labeling (protein) for foods and feed; materials characterization, like grade and value for fuels, coal, coke; soil and plant science, these are just some examples of wide application area for LECO CHN analyser. For optimum versatility, the instruments are available in flexible configurations—nitrogen/protein, carbon/nitrogen, and carbon/hydrogen/nitrogen.

  • Multiphase Carbon & Hydrogen / water

    For qualification and quantification of different carbon types (surface, free, organic, inorganic) and hydrogen/water present in various organic and inorganic samples LECO offers the state-of-the-art solution. Versatile instrument is applied, for example, to measure total organic carbon (TOC) in rocks and soils, Total Organic and Total Inorganic Carbon in Waste, and many other applications.