Fire Forensic Investigations

Establishing the origin of fire is of vital importance for fire, arson, chemical and explosive forensic science investigations. LECO time of flight (TOF) mass spectrometers enable forensic scientists to investigate both qualitative screening strategies and quantitative data generation all at the same time. LECO’s world recognised GCxGC expertise allows forensic scientists to increase speed of analysis and acquire much more high value mass spectral data without increasing manpower. Using the power of LECO TOFMS with comprehensive GC (GCxGC) affords investigation of vapour phase chemical explosions, improvised fireworks or liquid fire accelerants (petrol, paraffin, white spirit) and diesel during fire forensic investigations with ease.


Crime Scene Investigations

Confident drug metabolite identification of small molecules is the key to successful crime scene investigations. LECO’s GC-TOFMS solutions offer comprehensive and accurate metabolite ID at high speeds of analysis. With LECO mass spectrometers, clean chromatographic peak data and excellent mass spectral quality is delivered over a wide linear dynamic range. Additionally, LECO high resolution and high speed TOFMS instruments provide structural information enabling the elimination of false positives. LECO gives you need fast metabolite ID with confidence and accuracy without compromise.


Sport antidoping screening

The analysis of illicit drugs is a challenge faced by forensics and toxicology laboratories. Unlike MS/MS strategies used for target methods, LECO high resolution TOF (HRT) MS technologies offer superior detectability of known and unknown compounds specifically designed to be undetected by existing methodologies. LECO has developed universal, non-targeted screening techniques using comprehensive, high performance TOFMS to address this need. The ability of LECO’s GC-TOFMS instruments to provide high-integrity information for identification along with the capabilities for screening drug metabolites is a powerful analytical tool every laboratory needs.


Drugs of abuse

Countless products often referred to as “incense” or “spice” are reported to have effects similar to cannabis when smoked and have prompted testing in crime laboratories across Europe. LECO has developed fast, high throughput and sensitive GC-TOFMS methods that enable identification of the compounds plus their potential metabolites with ease. Screening for unknown metabolites and quantification of known analytes can only be accomplished with a powerful TOFMS instrument. LECO delivers round-robin-tested mass spectrometers proven to have minimal maintenance with incredible reliability and robustness. Work smart, not hard when you own a LECO mass spectrometer.