Deconovolution, Food and Flavor, Aroma Profile, Hops

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Category: Aroma Flavour Fragrance, Separation Science Mass Spectrometry, TOF Mass Spectrometry

Aroma Profile of Hops, Humulus Iupulus, as a Function of Boil Time by GC-TOFMS and GCxGC-TOFMS

The experiments described in this application note demonstrate a food, flavor, and fragrance analysis for the characterization of hops’ aroma profile. HS-SPME was used to pre-concentrate volatile and semi-volatile compounds in a hops extract. LECO’s Pegasus HT GCTOFMS efficiently separated, quantified, and identified analytes within the complex sample matrix. Full mass range acquisition allowed for identification of both target and non-target compounds through mass spectral matching to library spectra.