Non-Targeted Aroma Profiling by GC-TOFMS to Compare Beer Samples

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Category: Aroma Flavour Fragrance, Chemical & Petrochemical, Environmental, Food Safety, Forensics Toxicology, Life Science & Pharmaceutical, Metabolomics, Separation Science Mass Spectrometry, Time-of-Flight MS, TOF Mass Spectrometry

Connecting sensory observations to chemical properties for product development with GC-TOFMS. Ref: 203-821-480

Understand what is in your beer sample and discover what else you’ve been missing by a non-targeted aroma profiling method utilizing HS-SPME and GC-TOFMS.  This highly informative approach demonstrates how to achieve a comprehensive picture of the volatile and semi-volatile components in beer samples.  What’s more, automated data processing performs background subtraction, peak finding, peak identification, and relative quantification for individual analytes within the samples by LECO’s ChromaTOF brand software.  Detected peaks matched to library standards in the NIST databases includes many esters, alkanes, aldehydes, carboxylic acids, and terpenes, among others.  Pegasus GC-TOFMS enables analysts to deliver useful information to support improvements in quality control, process optimization, and better brand awareness.