Pegasus HT-C High-Throughput Gas Chromatography with Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer


Automated Peak Find

All analytes are automatically found and assigned a peak marker including their full-mass range spectra.

True Signal Deconvolution

A mass spectrum for each analyte is automatically extracted free of interferences from the system background, matrix background, and coeluting analytes using True Signal Deconvolution


The Pegasus® HT Time of Flight (TOF) Mass Spectrometer (MS) offers awe-inspiring reliability with proven robustness that is endorsed by analytical chemists throughout Europe.  LECO TOFMS technologies deliver full mass range spectra at exceptionally high data acquisition rates and over a wide dynamic range (4 to 6 orders of magnitude), resulting in superior raw data generation.  The Pegasus HT’s uniquely designed open ion source minimises operator maintenance enabling increased sample throughput plus significantly increasing laboratory productivity.  Exclusively operated by ChromaTOF®, the world recognised single-software-platform, gives the benefit of Automated Peak Find algorithms powered by True Signal Deconvolution (TSD®).  This elite analytical instrument provides a fully automated data acquisition and data processing solution that saves time whilst offering analysts the advantage of powerful TOFMS technology delivering mass spectral sensitivity and continuity.

Benefits of LECO Pegasus HT:

  • Vastly increased sample throughput, ideal for metabolomic studies
  • Requires significantly less resources, both in terms of man hours for data analysis and instrument operation time.
  • Ability to maintain full sensitivity over the full mass range, and the capability to collect spectra at up to 500 spectra/second
  • Yields effective data deconvolution enabling a richer and more informative data set
  • To a great extent eliminates the risk of losing important information during analysis of Home and Personal Care (HPC) products that contain a high level of interferences, such as skin lotion.
  • Time compressed data acquisition and fully automated data processing
  • Flexible target analysis and screening strategies from one sample injection
  • No data export into external software for data deconvolution
  • No data export into external software for quantification
  • Quantification of analytes from deconvolved mass spectral data
  • Automated Peak Find and True Signal Deconvolution® Algorithms
  • Exclusive ChromaTOF single software platform – a one stop solution
  • Low-maintenance ion source
  • Proven reliability and robustness in round robin ring trials
  • Endorsed by analytical chemists globally


The Pegasus HT also offers sophisticated data mining algorithms that automatically detect and extract previously unobserved analytes buried beneath sample matrices or other interfering analytes. The ChromaTOF software package extends these unique data processing capabilities to LC-TOFMS analysis as well, creating a common interface and data processing functionality across the LECO Separation Science product line—combining the strengths of our GC-TOFMS and LC-TOFMS systems under a single, easy-to-use platform. ChromaTOF® software eliminates the guesswork involved in normal component identification while offering fully automated data processing and fully integrated system control from a single computer and software package Comprehensive qualitative sample characterization of your samples, as well as quantitative analysis of specific mixture analytes, can be achieved through easily prepared data processing methods. Custom report and electronic data export capabilities are available for automatic transmission at the end of the analysis

Features and Benefits :

Features Benefits
Continuous full-range mass acquistion rate up to 500 spectra/second (500 Hz) Ability to define the narrowest of GC peaks Full-range mass spectral data for True Signal Deconvolution Accurate identification of unknown and targeted compounds in complex samples Ability to review archived data for new compounds outside the scope of the initial analysis
Full-range mass sensitivity 2 pg of Hexachlorobenzene on column produces signal-to-noise ratio 10 at mass 284 Accomplish in one run what other mass spectrometers require multiple runs to achieve
Linear dynamic range of 4 orders of magnitude or more Analyze and quantitate real-life samples of varying concentrations in matrix
Robust Never-Clean ion source No laboratory down-time associated with source cleaning Proven reliability Higher productivity
ChromaTOF software Automated Peak Find and True Signal Deconvolution for fast/easy data analysis and clean library searches Custom report generation Environmental reporting packages available Comparison feature for fast and easy sample analysis and increased efficiency and quality control
Integrated control from ChromaTOF software Total system automation for maximum productivity Full control of Agilent 6890 and 7890 GCs Multiple sample-handling accessories available, including LEAP, Gerstel, and Agilent Various available detectors (FID, ECD) Remote start, contact closures for other instrumentation


LECO’s versatile instrumentation can be used to perform a wide range of applications. Please find below a selection of application notes for the most popular applications. Contact our sales and application specialists for more details.

New! Quantification of Contact Allergens in Personal Care Products with GC and Full Mass Range TOFMS

Pegasus HT and the ChromaTOF deconvolution and calibration features demonstrated the potential of this technology for the investigation of contact allergens in cosmetic and personal care products. In particular, the HT's full mass range sensitivity and speed with unparalleled deconvolution capabilities allowed to see peaks that may be hidden in a standard analysis. Ref. 203-821-515Learn more...

New! Detection of Cork Taint Fault in Wine Using HS-SPME and GC-TOFMS for the Quantification of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole

The coupling of a HS-SPME sample preparation step together with the power of the Pegasus HT and the ChromaTOF deconvolution and calibration features, allowed the detection of very low concentration- at parts-per-trillion levels- of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole (TCA) in a real wine samples. This component, as well established, is responsible for the cork taint fault also at very low concentrations. Ref. 203-821-516Learn more...

New! Differentiation of Fresh and Oxidized Wine Samples with HS-SPME, GC-TOFMS, and GC×GC-TOFMS

Pegasus HT and Pegasus 4D systems were used to differentiate two wine samples namely one fresh and one oxidized by the presence of oxygen inside the bottle. Thanks to the increased peak capacity and sensitivity offered by the coupling of a secondary column on the GCXGC system, it was possible to assign correctly the components formed during the oxidation process. Furthermore, LECO’s Deconvolution tool allowed the correct identification of the components well resolved or masked from the sample matrix. Ref. 203-821-514Learn more...

Differential Analysis of Perfumes with GC-TOFMS

Pegasus HT GC-TOFMS system provides a comprehensive non-targeted view of the sample by providing full mass range sensitivity and speed. Learn more...

Beer Aroma: Detection of Analyte Differences with GC-TOFMS and the Reference Feature in ChromaTOF®

Reliably determine what's in a sample without being limited to what is already known or expected. Ref: 203-821-479Learn more...

Non-Targeted Aroma Profiling by GC-TOFMS to Compare Beer Samples

Connecting sensory observations to chemical properties for product development with GC-TOFMS. Ref: 203-821-480Learn more...

Deconovolution, Food and Flavor, Aroma Profile, Hops

Aroma Profile of Hops, Humulus Iupulus, as a Function of Boil Time by GC-TOFMS and GCxGC-TOFMSLearn more...

PCBs and Dioxins screening

Fast Determination of Chlorinated Priority Pollutants Using Large Volume InjectionLearn more...

Pesticides Quantification in Water

Fast Quantitative Determination of Organophosphorus Pesticides in Water SamplesLearn more...

Pesticides Quantification in Food

Determination of Pesticides in Food Matrix by GC-TOFMSLearn more...

Skin Irritants in Fragrances

Rapid Determination and Quantification of Sensitizers and Skin Irritants in Fragrances by GC-TOFMSLearn more...

Hydrocarbon Components in Petroleum Naphthas

Determination of Hydrocarbon Components in Petroleum NaphthasLearn more...

Contaminated Soil Extracts

Using EPA Method 8270 and the Pegasus GC-TOFMS to Characterize Semivolatile Analytes from Contaminated Soil ExtractsLearn more...

Acidic Pesticides in Water

Fast Measurement of Acidic Pesticides in WaterLearn more...

Interior Air Analysis

Interior Air Analysis of a New Office CabinetLearn more...

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