RC612 Multiphase Carbon and Hydrogen/Moisture



The LECO RC612 multiphase carbon and hydrogen/moisture determinator quantifies the carbon and hydrogen present in various organic and inorganic samples, and identifies the source of several types of carbon content. This state-of-the-art versatile instrument can measure samples  of different type : powdered, strip or tubular. Unique capabilities of RC612 provide very comprehensive sample analysis, including determination of Surface Carbon, Free Carbon, Organic Carbon, Inorganic Carbon, Carbonate, Moisture, Crystalline Water.

Enhanced furnace operation allow using of the RC612 instrument for wide range of process control and research applications in minerals and ores, refractories, cement, ceramics, catalysts, silica, molding powder, welding flux, non-ferrous metals as well as total organic carbon (TOC) in rocks and soils, Total Organic and Total Inorganic Carbon in Waste.

Among other applications, the RC612 complies with AWS (ANSI) approved method for Determination of Moisture Content of Welding Fluxes and Welding Electrode Flux Coverings. The small footprint, easy-to-use operating software, increased instrument robustness are all a part of the advanced RC612 design.

Benefits :

  • Qualitative and quantitative analyses
  • Expanded detection range
  • Surface, Free, Organic, Inorganic carbon type differentiation
  • LECO software flexibility offers user friendly interface for routine and research applications
  • Optional rugged 50-position autoloader for automated unattended operation
  • On-board diagnostics to minimize downtime


LECO advanced dual-stage  furnace, resistance heated can be precisely regulated from near-ambient with programmable setpoints and ramp rates.  Depending on the application, multiple furnace steps can be programmed by the operator and the furnace purged with oxygen or nitrogen, creating oxidizing or inert conditions in which the carbon and hydrogen present is combusted or reacted. An afterburner furnace (nominally set to 850°C) and a secondary oxidation catalyst are included in the flow path to ensure full combustion/reaction of all evolved components. Infrared detection is used to quantify the result either as a weight percentage or as a coating weight (mg/cm2). Inorganic carbon and organic carbon content in the sample can be differentiated by using an inert or oxidizing atmosphere. Furnace ramping allows the differentiation of carbon forms present. Additional sources of carbon can often be differentiated by the temperature at which they oxidize or volatilize. Global control and rich instrument functionalities, data acquisition and analysis assured by LECO powerful and easy of use Windows based software.

Features and benefits:

  • Advanced control dual-stage furnace with programmable setpoints and ramp capabilities
  • Improved serviceability
  • Easy-to-use Windows®–based operating system maximizes flexibility for production and research applications
  • Unique Furnace Step Methods can be created for each customer sample and associated with a single method
  • Expanded real-time diagnostics capabilities


LECO’s versatile instrumentation can be used to perform a wide range of applications. Please find below a selection of application notes for the most popular applications. Contact our sales and application specialists for more details.

Determination of Surface Carbon on Aluminum Sheets/Rods/Wire

The LECO RC612 is a multiphase carbon and moisture determinator specifically designed to differentiate various forms of carbon by the temperature at which they combust. This capability facilitates the determination of the amount of carbon present on the surface of aluminum sheets or rods, which is relative to the amount of oils or surface modifying treatments.Learn more...

Analysis of soil aggregates

Carbon and Moisture in AggregatesLearn more...

Options & models


Various options are available for this product. Contact our sales and application specialists to select the right configuration for your application.
Autoloader 50 position autoloader for for sequential and non-sequential analysis
Online diagnostic LECO's convenient remote diagnosis via Internet


Each instrument can be configured to meet your individual lab needs. Contact our sales and application specialists to select the right configuration for your application.
RC612 Multiphase Carbon and Hydrogen/Moisture Determinator
Automation Autoloader dramatically increase productivity without compromising results quality